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Ronnies Blog coming online Soon

NZ Promoter and Motivator Ron E Bishop has a new blog and business directory and it’s called Ronnie’s Blog. The launch date is set for early May 2014
Ronnie’s blog will be in direct competition with the Timaru District Council owned business directory managed by ADBT.. Ronnie’s blog has twice the number of monthly views at 1/3 rd of the price.
Any business from around the world will be able get listed on Ronnie’s Blog

Ronnie B


Why Blogs are better than websites

When websites first appeared on our computers everyone believed that you had to have a website or your business was not in fashion. Some companies spent many thousands of dollars getting websites  professionally designed believing that business would grow to cover the cost of their pretty looking website.

It was not long before people realised that their website was only as good as there ability to promote it and more money was needed to up date it.  Smart business people like myself are changing from websites to blogs.

The good thing about blogs is you can update them yourself by writting articles adding photos or videos.

I first starting writting blogs in 2005 and by 2012 I had discovered the magic of youtube videos. It is much quicker to speak into a video camera than to sit and write out all the words. You must remember however that computer search engines can only pick up on words and not photos of video images. This is why it is important to add some text on to your blog when you upload a video.

We have built a business directory blog for all our clients which is giving them much more exposure. If you would like to place your business on one of our business directory blogs then contact us
Phone (03) 6861271 or email


Master Mind Group needed to promote Timaru

I first heard about a master mind group when I read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. A master mind group is where 2 or more people come together in harmony to reach a common goal. There is an old saying that 2 minds are better than one.

I have spent some 40 years trying to promote Timaru and the biggest mistake I have made along the way is trying to promote it on my own. All successful people become successful because of their ability to attract like minded people around them. In 2014 I have decided to stop trying to promote Timaru on my own but to look for a group of people who share my passion. I know the right people are out there but I have to carefully select the right people and invite them to join my master mind group.


If you have a passion for wanting to promote Timaru and you have a deep burning desire to do whatever it takes to do so then I would certainly like to meet with you.
Membership of a master mind group will help you achieve both your personal and community goals so come with me on a journey as we travel down the pathway of life together.

For a one on one meeting with me in person Phone (03) 6861271 or email

Ron E Bishop NZ Promotor and Motivator

A meeting with Mayor Odey

Tell a Friend and Gigatown is the best that the Timaru District Council can come up with to promote the Timaru District

Timaru Mayor Damon Odey has been given the message that if he wants to attract more people to Timaru then he has to get his cheque book out and pay NZ Promoter and Motivator Ron E Bishop who has 20,000 website visitors a month. With over 800 youtube videos online already reaching over 82,000 views it has to be the best offer Mayor Damon Odey has had yet.


Sucked in to the Gigatown Gamble

New Zealanders have always been easy prey when it comes to gambling. An American owned company called Chorus is busy conning people into spending ratepayers money on a one sided gamble. They are promising to provide just one New Zealand town with extra fast broadband provided the towns promote Chorus on social media.

It has to be the biggest con job sweeping New Zealand at the moment. They are playing into the hands of the small towns. The main New Zealand Cities are not showing up in the top 10 because they can see through the American Chorus style gamble.


Murray Cleverley’s legacy lives on

There is an old saying that like attracts like and it seems that this has been the case with the 2 Chief Executive Officers of the Timaru District Council owned Aoraki Development trust.

During Murray Cleverley’s term as CEO of the Aoraki Development Trust he came under fire from the public regarding the management of the staff salaries at the trust. The Timaru Herald wrote the following article


The report states that a former Chief Executive of the Aoraki Development Trust Murray Cleverley has refused to confirm or deny reports that he gave pay rises to two staff including his wife on the eve of his departure.

The other staff member who got a pay rise of 17% to 19% was not named at the time.
However the current CEO of the development trust is Wendy Smith who took over the reigns from Murray Cleverley and she would of been a staff member of the trust at the time the pay rises were approved.

In the 2013 Annual report the auditors of Aoraki Development and Promotions Limited state. ONE EMPLOYEE RECEIVED BETWEEN $190,000 and $199,999 during the year.

Cover up
In an attempt to keep the financial statements secret the Company has chosen to issue a trespass notice on anyone who attempts to seek the truth.
The Company’s Chairman of the ADBT Board Ken McKenzie is refusing to name the employee who is earning 200 k and this of course is creating some guess work in attempting to identify who is getting paid what.

The Timaru Herald claim under questioning that even though the Mayor and Councillors salaries are available for scrutiny by the public any salaries paid to staff elected by the council are to remain a secret.
In light of this one is left asking this question.
Is this consistent non transparent behaviour of the board and 2 CEO’s of the same organisation doing any harm and is their secret behaviour setting a precedent for others to follow?

Who is Earning $200,000 a Year?

On the 5th March 2014 a Timaru Herald reporter Emma Bailey wrote that a staff member of the Aoraki Development Business and Tourism company earned $200,000 a year.
The Timaru Herald is refusing to disclose the name of the staff member because they say they dont have to. All we can do is guess which staff member of the ADBT is earning 200 grand a year