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Promoting Business in Timaru – Ron E Bishop Timaru NZ

My goal is to promote the Timaru district and all the businesses in Timaru. I have taken a video of every business on the streets of Timaru and my website Timaru Directory is receiving over 15,000 visits every month. Some negative business owners cannot see the benefit of my work and have asked me to remove videos of their businesses from Youtube and the Timaru Directory website. I am recording the history of Timaru as I go and because of this I will not remove any business from my website. If they are not happy with my video then every business has the opportunity to add a video of their choice on the Timaru Business directory website if they pay for it

Sunday Sermon – Mind Power : Ron E Bishop Timaru NZ

Do you want to know how you can change your life to a more prosperous and happier life. This video shows you how you can do that by talking to yourself in front of a mirror. Follow me every day by listening to me share proven ideas for success on YouTube





The Timaru Directory News – host Ron E Bishop Timaru NZ

The Timaru Directory website and blog is part of 1000 Timaru videos that are currently being uploaded onto YouTube. Timaru directory news is currently enjoying over 15,000 views a month and its YouTube videos have so far provided entertainment with  over 100,000 views.

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Promoting Education Online for FREE – Ron E Bishop

I believe that education is so important that to reach as many people as possible I have decided to promote and teach education online free of charge. It is what I call going the extra mile. If you do more work than you are paid for you will never be out of work and what you give out will come back to you ten fold.

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How to find the right job – Think Talk : Ron E Bishop Timaru NZ

Are you looking for a job or a career. There are 2 types of workers. Those looking for any kind of job and those who are working in jobs that they don’t like. People who succeed are those who have decided on what type of career they want to work in and they love the work they do for a living. If you are reading this and have an interest in listening to the video then you will learn how to find the right job for you.


Make money from the Timaru Directory – Ron E Bishop Timaru NZ

Are you finding it hard to earn enough money to live on. If so then here is an easy way to make money with no capital outlay. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to succeed. Watch this video and do as it says. Once you have searched the Timaru Directory website and Ronnie’s Blog and if you like what you see then contact me and I will tell you how you can get started making money. Phone Ron (03) 6861271 or email

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Another World Record in Sight – Ron E Bishop Timaru NZ

I am a blogger and I have written thousands of posts on my blogs. I love a challenge so on 12th May 2012 I started recording my life story using videos and uploading them onto YouTube. While recording my life story daily I set a goal to upload 1000 videos on to YouTube. It is now 12 July 2014 and I have uploaded 956 videos so I have just 44 videos to go until I reach my goal of 1000 videos


Once I reach my goal I intend to claim a record to be the first person in the world to upload 1000 videos in just over 2 years with an average watch time of 3 minutes per video. I have been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and have been told I may have less than 12 months to live.

I am now busy crossing things of my bucket list. However I am ignoring the doctors predictions and I have set another goal to be the first person in the world to cure myself of both duodenal and prostrate cancer and to live to be 100 years old.