Timaru District Council could be in Danger of Bankruptcy

Private Investigator needed
On the 4th October 2010 I started on a journey knocking on doors along Craigie Avenue to find out how many people would give me a donation if I helped them save the Century Pool from closing.  To my surprise 90% of the people I met were willing to give me a small donation to save it.
1 month later I find myself with over 200 names and addreses from people who were willing to make a donation to save the Century Pool from closing.
While talking to people on my journey I discovered that there are many people who are concerned that we cannot afford the price of the new aquatic centre.
One lady reminded me that their are 2500 ratepayers in arrears and another man told me that he is refusing to pay his $100 aquatic centre levy on his rates. It would be true to say that the moral amoungst the ratepayers of Timaru is very low at the moment and their is nothing exciting happening in Timaru to change that.

Questions Need to be asked
The Council is making far to many decisions behind close doors and because of this their needs to be an independant person appointed to investigate what is going on behind the scenes.  The Timaru Herald in recent years has become an unreliable source of distributing news because many ratepayers no longer subscribe to the Herald.  As a major sponsor of the Aquatic Centre the Timaru Herald has become very biased in their attitude and many letters critizing the the project are not being published. A group of Benvenue Street ratepayers  have had 3 of their letters rejected by the Herald and the Historic Society have ignored their letters as well. 

Timaru Directory News
This is a new publication that is being published by Timaru Tourist Promotions Limited which is a company I set up 5 years ago to promote Timaru.
There is to be no advertising in the Timaru Directory News and it will be printed in black and white with all its funding will coming from donations.
In the first issue I will be asking questions of the council and in the second issue I will be publishing the answers to those questions.

Your Representative
If you want me to represent you as a ratepayer and provide you with a copy of the Timaru Directory News then please send your donation to
The Editor Timaru Directory News 132 Gleniti Road Timaru or Phone me 03 686 1271. 
Send your questions on this blogg but please keep any abusive comments to yourself.


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